How to Hire Better Salespeople

Quick Guide: 5 Things to Do Before Posting the Job

Quick_Guide_PicSo, you need to hire a sales rep. Maybe you’re simply replacing someone who has left the company. Or, this is a new position. You’ve decided that in order to increase sales you need a dedicated person to develop business. Typically the recruiting process for a sales representative starts with posting the job on a job board and interviewing candidates that respond. Right?

Stop! Don’t post yet. You are missing the five things to do before posting for a sales rep.

To ensure you select the best person for the job learn how to answer these critical questions:

  • What does sales success look like for your staffing company?
  • What would your sales rep need to do to reach your sales goals?
  • How would an ideal employee in this position act?
  • How are you going to pick the best person?
  • Where are you going to find the best person?